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Project Management

Our clients come from various sectors looking for solutions to their projects. With that in mind, we make sure to have a project manager working with our clients, design engineers, general contractors, suppliers, and vendors, making every phase of the project goes smoothly and without interruption. They help to discover the best course of action not only to meet those goals and needs but show the actual value of their investment.

Communication and Transparency

Our YEG Project Managers believe in building strong relationships based on clear communication and transparency. The project management team works tirelessly to bring their client’s vision to life through in-depth analysis of the given project, discovering the precise scope of the project, the time and project costs needed for completion. All the while, making sure we produce the quality that our clients expect. Through these actions and approaches to communication aids us to ensure the success of the project and make sure it is completed on time, within the project budget, and meets their expectations and requirements.

Areas of Expertise

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Purchasing of Materials
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Approval of Plan Documentation
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Cost Estimation
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Day-to-Day Project Responsibilities
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Prioritize and Execute Strategic Process Improvement Initiatives
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Construction Overview, Site Meetings, Inspections, and Quality Control
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Contract Documentation, Tendering, and Administration
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